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Bae Systems

One of New Hampshire’s largest employers and a leader in the aerospace and defense industry, needed to expand its local operations.

Leader in Aerospace & Defense Technology

The BFA worked with BAE Systems on a public-private-partnership in which the BFA purchased the building and then leased it back to BAE Systems. This arrangement allowed BAE Systems to secure the building while maximizing its capital to renovate the site and grow its business. This partnership allowed the company to continue to grow in New Hampshire – a state rich with talent

The building, a 192,500 square foot facility on Goffs Falls Road in Manchester, provided close access to BAE Systems’ existing operations, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, and Interstates 93 and 293.


Tom Bishop Director of Legislative Affairs at BAE Systems.

The BFA was essential in helping us structure the acquisition of the property in Manchester for our growing business. They were side-by-side in many of our meetings – driving collaboration between us, the city of Manchester, and the state of New Hampshire. I can’t imagine a better partner for our expansion. We are grateful to James Key-Wallace and the BFA for their hard work, knowledge, and dedication to make this happen

Thomas Bishop
Director of Legislative Affairs at BAE Systems

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