Lonza Biologics

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Lonza Biologics

A custom manufacturer for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

The Beginning of a Biotech Boom

Lonza Biologics is a custom manufacturer for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Lonza has more than 100 sites and offices worldwide with approximately 14,500 full-time employees and is recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and specialty markets.

The Lonza project is a lease program that merged an existing location at Pease with nearby property to create a 43-acre parcel for Lonza’s campus to expand. The total proposed industrial development will include three new buildings totaling approximately 1 million square feet. To make this project a reality, the Pease Development Authority borrowed up to $5 million from the BFA for Lonza to use for onsite improvements.

This deal is the result of the collaboration of efforts between the governor’s office, Department of Business and Economic Affairs, and many state and local partners including the Department of Environmental Services, the BFA, city of Portsmouth, and Pease Development Authority, which worked together to pitch New Hampshire as a prime location for Lonza’s expansion plans.

This expansion means the addition of up to 1,000 high-paying jobs

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Taylor Caswell

Lonza is a valued member of the New Hampshire business community. The BFA is central to my department’s statewide economic development strategies. Our partnership on the Lonza project is a perfect example of how that partnership will benefit the state’s economy and its workforce.

Taylor Caswell
Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs

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