Real Estate Development

Bae Systems New Hampshire

Real Estate Development

Save money on real estate purchases and rehabilitation costs so you can invest in growth and employees.

Public-Private Partnerships – Lower Costs and Increased Flexibility

If your company is planning a major expansion in New Hampshire, explore the powerful public-private partnership options available through the BFA.

The BFA can provide direct financing at advantaged terms for key economic development projects around the state. Plus, the BFA can purchase or develop facilities and lease them back to the underlying business.

These structures lower the cost of capital, require less out-of-pocket costs, have notable tax advantages, and are arranged to ensure you have control of the project location at the end of the partnership. All of this results in being able to focus on the things that matter most: growth, employees, and the future of your business.

Bae Systems New Hampshire

BAE Systems

The BFA worked with BAE Systems on a public-private-partnership in which the BFA purchased the building and then leased it back to BAE Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a public-private partnership with the BFA?

Since public-private partnerships require a complex set of arrangements to be effective, these transactions are typically conducted with large-scale expansions having a outsized impact on the local or regional economy.

How do I apply for a real estate public-private partnership with the BFA?

Due the wide variety of opportunities within the public-private partnership umbrella, there is no pre-set application process. If you feel you have a potential project, call the BFA any time at 603.415.0190.