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3S Artspace

Turning a Vision into a Reality

Supporting Portmouth’s artist and performers

3S Artspace (3S) in Portsmouth was founded in 2011. The non-profit was created to support the arts and artists by establishing a location in Portsmouth that would bring high-quality and original art experiences to the area.

In 2014, 3S was gifted the use of an 18,000 sq.ft. facility property in Portsmouth. In order to make the location a place that could offer art experiences to the area, the BFA worked with Kennebunk Savings Bank to provide a 75% guarantee ($180,000) on up to a $240,000 term loan. The loan was used to purchase equipment for the art studio and create a restaurant space.

Today, 3S Artspace is a thriving contemporary arts organization that combines the only midsize, flexible performance space of its kind in the area with a large contemporary art gallery and a restaurant. The non-profit serves as a local hub and community gathering place.

The proposed financing helped create 25 new jobs.

Beth Falconer

3S is dedicated to presenting and supporting bold, emerging art and entertainment and cultivating an informal space for the exchange of ideas and creativity. Because of our ability to secure a loan with Kennebunk Savings Bank through a guarantee with the BFA, we were able to build and create the space we needed to launch our vision. This loan was critical in helping to create what has now become a vibrant community hub.

Beth Falconer
Executive Director at 3S Artspace

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