November 2023 BFA Board Meeting


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for

Monday, November 20, 2023, at 2:00 PM, 135 N. State St, Concord, New Hampshire.

  1. Introduction of Board Members.
  2. Approval of Board of Director Minutes for the Meeting of October16, 2023.
  3. Nonpublic Session for Consideration of Loan and Credits, as applicable.
  4. Audited Financial Report- Vachon Clukay & Company, PC
  5. Financial Reports– Chris Kreidermacher
  6. Month End October2023
  7. Lending Reports October – Jeremy Stanizzi
  8. CAP Monthly
  9. CAP Statistics/Demographics
  10. Capacity Report
  11. CAP Quarterly September 30, 2023
  12. Executive Director’s Report.
  13. Other Business.

Date mailed:  November 15, 2023



The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Business Finance Authority (“BFA”) was called to order at 2:01 P.M. by Chairman Anagnost at 135 N. State Street, Concord, New Hampshire. The following Directors were present:

Dick Anagnost, Matthew Benson, Stephen Duprey, Daniel Henderson, Jason Syversen, Jeff Hayes, Catherine Provencher, Monica Mezzapelle and Vikram Mansharamani.  Also present were:  James Key-Wallace, Executive Director and Clerk; Chris Kreidermacher, Chief Financial Officer; Jeremy Stanizzi, Senior Credit Officer; Deborah Intonti, Executive Assistant, John Stoecker, National Finance Authority, Ben Barker, National Finance Authority, Conor O’Brien National Finance Authority, Lee McCormick, National Finance Authority, Representative Michael Edgar, Attorney Kris Moussette, Hinckley Allen, Senator Lou D’Allesandro and Senator Keith Murphy and Cory Philbrick, CPA of Vachon, Clukey & Company.

Absent were: Jeff Cook, Credit Analyst, Director Nancy Merrill, Representative Laurie Sanborn.

Chairman Anagnost announced the meeting was open to the public and welcomed all present.

The Chairman asked the Board to move agenda item #4 up to the #1 position to accommodate the Auditor who was in attendance.

The Chairman asked for Mr. Kreidermacher to introduce Cory Philbrick the representative of the audit team from Vachon, Culkey & Company who was in attendance to present the financial audit to the Board of Directors.  He gave a PowerPoint presentation report to the Board and answered questions.

The Chairman asked for approval of the public Board minutes for the October 16, 2023, Board Meeting.

Upon motion made by Director Hayes and seconded by Director Henderson the following action was voted on:

VOTED: To accept the public minutes of the October 16, 2023, Board Meeting.

The following named Directors voted:

Aye: Dick Anagnost, Matthew Benson, Stephen Duprey, Jason Syversen, Jeff Hayes, Catherine Provencher, Monica Mezzapelle, Daniel Henderson.

Nay:  None

Abstain: Vikram Mansharamani.

Whereupon the Chairman declared said resolution adopted.

The Chairman asked Mr. Kreidermacher to review the October Month End Financial Reports.

The Chairman asked Mr. Stanizzi to review the Lending Reports for October.

The Chairman asked Mr. Key-Wallace to present the Executive Director’s Report.

There being no further business and upon motion made by Director Benson and seconded by

Director Mezzapelle, the meeting was adjourned at 2:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

James Key-Wallace

Executive Director/Clerk